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Junior EM 2023 & Masters EM 2023 i Italien aflyst! Nye datoer & venue vil følge!

VIGTiG BESKED FRA IECU President & bestyrelse.



Dear all,

We sadly announce that the 2023 Master and Youth European Championship will not happen in Italy due to big differences between what the organizing committee could offer and the standards that the Europe Class normally defines. Entry fee, deadline for registration without penalty, ceremonies, meals, royalties, etc. After months of negotiating and studying different possibilities, we have not been able to bring the positions closer, so IECU Board has decided not to sign the final contract. IECU is working tirelessly to find a new location, around the same dates. So, the championship is not cancelled, we just need to decide where we'll organise it.

At the online meeting next Thursday 23rd at 18 h CET you will get all the information.

Very best regards,

Paul Depoorter IECU President

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